Perfect Fit for Xiaomi Poco X4 NFC: This Black Shock-Proof TPU Case is tailor-made for the Xiaomi Poco X4 NFC, ensuring a perfect fit and complete compatibility. Users can trust that their device will be fully protected without sacrificing any essential features or functions. 📱👌

Effective Screen and Camera Protection: The raised frame of the case serves as a robust defense mechanism, effectively shielding the screen and camera from potential scratches and damage. This feature ensures that your Xiaomi Poco X4 NFC remains in pristine condition, even in the face of daily use and unexpected accidents. 🛡️📸

Convenient Access Without Disassembly: With precisely cut buttons, this protective case allows users to access all external buttons on the Xiaomi Poco X4 NFC without the need to disassemble the shell. This convenient design ensures that users can enjoy the full functionality of their phone with ease. 🔄🔍

Slim, Lightweight, and Non-Slip Design: Crafted from shock-absorbing TPU, this case maintains a slim and lightweight profile while providing excellent protection. The non-slip design adds an extra layer of security, making it easy to hold and reducing the likelihood of accidental drops. 🕊️💪

Textured Surface for Enhanced Grip: The outer surface of the case is adorned with a textured pattern, not only adding a touch of style but also enhancing the overall grip. The unique texture ensures a secure and comfortable hold, making it an ideal choice for users who prioritize both protection and aesthetics. 🤲🔒

Q: Is this case compatible with Xiaomi Poco X4 NFC? A: Yes, this case is specifically designed for Xiaomi Poco X4 NFC, ensuring a perfect fit.

Q: How does the raised frame protect the screen and camera? A: The raised frame acts as a protective barrier, effectively preventing scratches and damage to the screen and camera during daily use.

Q: Can I access all external buttons without removing the case? A: Absolutely, the case features precisely cut buttons, allowing convenient access to all external buttons on the Xiaomi Poco X4 NFC without disassembly. 🔄🔍

Feature Details
Compatibility Xiaomi Poco X4 NFC
Material Shock-Absorbing TPU
Color Black
Design Textured Surface for Enhanced Grip
Protection Drop-Proof, Shock-Proof
Access Precise Cutouts for External Buttons
Weight Lightweight


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