The PU leather and TPU inner shell combination not only provides robust protection but also features a ventilated design, ensuring heat dissipation and preventing your Oppo Discover X5 Professional from overheating during extended use. 🌬️❄️

Premium Material for Enhanced Durability: The Oppo Discover X5 Professional Brown Leather Wallet Case is meticulously crafted from waterproof PU leather and a soft TPU inner shell. This combination not only ensures scratch resistance but also provides excellent ventilation, resulting in a case that is both durable and stylish. Experience a luxurious feel and comfort in gripping your phone. 🌟💦

Flexible Inner Shell for Easy Usage: The inner case of the wallet cover is designed to be flexible, allowing for easy insertion and removal of your Oppo Discover X5 Professional. The worry of scratches is eliminated, providing a seamless experience every time you place your device in the case. Enjoy the peace of mind that your phone is protected without compromising on functionality. 📱🛡️

Versatile Access to Smartphone Functions: With this case, users can access all available functions of their Oppo Discover X5 Professional without the hassle of removing it. The design ensures that every port, button, and feature is easily accessible, adding convenience to your daily phone usage. 📱🎮

Stylish Prints and Card Storage: Available in a variety of colors with beautifully designed prints, this wallet case not only protects your Oppo Discover X5 Professional but also serves as a fashion statement. The inclusion of card slots and a money pocket means you can carry your essential items conveniently without the need for an additional wallet. 🌈💳

Stand Function for On-the-Go Entertainment: The leather folio flip case comes equipped with a stand function, allowing users to prop up their Oppo Discover X5 Professional for comfortable video watching or gaming. This feature adds a layer of convenience, making it ideal for entertainment on the go. 🎥🎮

Q: Is the wallet case compatible with Oppo Discover X5 Professional? A: Yes, this wallet case is specifically designed for Oppo Discover X5 Professional, ensuring a perfect fit and easy access to all functions.

Q: Can I access all smartphone functions without removing the case? A: Absolutely, the design of the case allows for versatile access to all available functions without the need to remove it.

Q: How many card slots does the wallet case have? A: The case features multiple card slots and a money pocket, offering a convenient solution for carrying your ID, credit cards, and cash without an extra wallet. 💳


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