Top-Selling Elegance: Elago’s silicone cases have dominated Amazon’s top sellers for two consecutive years, and the Stone-Colored Liquid Silicone Case is the epitome of their design prowess.

With each model improving, this case stands out as a top choice, offering more features and style with every iteration. Elevate your iPhone experience with the best in the market. 🏆🌐

Liquid Silicone Brilliance: Immerse your iPhone 13 Pro Max in the brilliance of liquid silicone. This incredible material not only adds a splash of vibrant color to your device but also provides exceptional grip and protection. Don’t compromise on what makes a case great; choose elago for a perfect blend of style and functionality. 🌈📱

Full-Body Protection: Your iPhone 13 Pro Max deserves comprehensive protection, and the Stone-Colored Liquid Silicone Case delivers. Covering all sides, including the bottom and buttons, this case ensures your device is shielded from daily wear and tear. The raised lip adds an extra layer of defense, protecting the screen and camera from scratches caused by direct surface contact. 🛡️📸

Wireless Charging Compatible: Embrace modern convenience with wireless charging compatibility. Unlike generic cases, elago’s liquid silicone case is designed in-house from scratch. This ensures a perfect fit, superior drop protection, and an aesthetic appeal that saves you both time and money. Experience the seamless magic of wireless charging without compromising on protection. 🔋✨

In-House Craftsmanship: From concept to the finished product, elago takes pride in crafting every aspect of their cases in-house. This commitment guarantees a case that fits perfectly, protects from drops effectively, and looks fantastic. With elago, you’re not just buying a case; you’re investing in unparalleled craftsmanship. 🛠️👌

Exquisite Stone Color Design: The Stone-Colored Liquid Silicone Case isn’t just a protector; it’s a style statement. The exquisite stone color design adds a touch of sophistication to your iPhone 13 Pro Max, making it the perfect accessory for any occasion. Elevate your device with a case that seamlessly merges aesthetics and functionality. 🌟🎨

Exceptional Tactile Feel: The use of liquid silicone isn’t just about looks; it’s about feel. Enjoy an exceptional tactile feel that enhances your overall user experience. The case feels soft to the touch, ensuring your iPhone 13 Pro Max stays comfortable in your hand. Choose a case that prioritizes both style and usability. 🤗🌈

Whether you’re navigating the demands of a busy day or heading out for a night on the town, the Stone-Colored Liquid Silicone Case is versatile for every occasion. Its sleek design, vibrant color, and enhanced grip make it the ideal companion for any lifestyle. Elevate your iPhone experience with a case that stands out. 🌃👜

Q: Is the Liquid Silicone Case compatible only with the iPhone 13 Pro Max? A: Yes, elago’s Liquid Silicone Case is specifically designed to perfectly fit and protect the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Q: Can I wirelessly charge my iPhone with this case on? A: Absolutely! The Stone-Colored Liquid Silicone Case is designed to be wireless charging compatible, providing you with a seamless and convenient charging experience.

Q: How does the raised lip protect the screen and camera? A: The raised lip ensures that the screen and camera are elevated from direct surface contact, offering additional protection against scratches and damage.

Feature Description
Material Liquid Silicone
Compatibility iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7 inch)
Protection Full-Body Coverage, Shockproof, Raised Lip
Design Stone Color, Vibrant, Exquisite
Grip Enhanced with Liquid Silicone
Wireless Charging Compatible Yes
In-House Craftsmanship Yes, from Concept to Finished Product
Top-Selling Yes, Top Seller on Amazon for Two Consecutive Years
Thickness Slim Design, Adds Minimal Thickness to the Phone


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