Premium Leather Experience: 🌟Specially tanned and finished, the leather feels soft to the touch, promising a luxurious feel that evolves with a natural patina over time.

Seamless MagSafe Integration: 🧲 The Midnight Magic case seamlessly integrates with the MagSafe feature of the iPhone 13 Pro. The built-in magnets align perfectly, offering a magical connect and detach experience every time, making it not just a case but an extension of your iPhone.

Supple Leather Protection: 🛡️ Crafted with high-quality, supple leather, this case is more than just a protector – it’s a statement. While it shields your iPhone from scratches and drops, the natural material adds character, developing creases and marks unique to your usage.

Fast and Easy Wireless Charging: 🔋 Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro, the case enhances the MagSafe wireless charging experience. Simply leave the case on your iPhone and snap in your MagSafe charger for a faster and easier charging process on your Qi-certified charger.

Q: How does the leather age over time? A: The specially tanned and finished leather develops a natural patina over time, much like a fine leather belt, adding character and uniqueness to your iPhone case.

Q: Does it work with MagSafe accessories? A: Absolutely! The case has integrated magnets that align perfectly with MagSafe, ensuring a seamless connection and detachment experience with MagSafe accessories.

Features Details
Material Specially Tanned and Finished Leather
Color Midnight
Compatibility iPhone 13 Pro
MagSafe Integration Yes
Wireless Charging Support Yes
Imprints Over Time Adds Character and Uniqueness


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