Cooling Performance for Extended Gameplay: Take gaming to the next level with the ASUS ROG Phone 5/5s Gaming Heat Dissipation Case. The two heat sink holes on the back ensure efficient cooling during prolonged gaming sessions, preventing overheating and maintaining optimal performance. 🎮

Unique Shape and Enhanced Grip: The cool and distinctive shape of this gaming case adds a unique flair to your ASUS ROG Phone 5/5s. Special patterns within the case not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also improve the friction between your phone and the case, preventing accidental slips and falls. 🎨

Durable Silicone and TPU Construction: Crafted from high-quality silica gel and TPU, this gaming phone case offers dual-layer protection. The silicone frame effectively absorbs impact, while the TPU backplane provides durability and flexibility. Ensure your ASUS ROG Phone 5/5s is safeguarded against drops and impacts. 💪

Slim and Lightweight Design: The TPU cover is exceptionally light and thin, adding minimal weight to your ASUS ROG Phone 5/5s. Enjoy the sleekness of your phone without compromising on protection. Experience reduced impact when your phone is accidentally dropped, thanks to the slim and lightweight design. ✨

Scratch-Resistant Shield: Keep your ASUS ROG Phone 5/5s looking new with the scratch-resistant shield provided by this gaming case. The robust materials used ensure that daily wear and tear won’t compromise the appearance of your device. 🛡️

Compatibility Assurance: Tailored specifically for ASUS ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5s, this gaming case is designed with precision. Before purchasing, be sure to check the model compatibility to enjoy a perfect fit and unhindered access to all functions. ✔️

Enhanced Friction for Secure Grip: The unique patterns within the case not only add a stylish touch but also serve a practical purpose. They enhance the friction between your ASUS ROG Phone 5/5s and the case, ensuring a secure grip and reducing the risk of accidental drops. 🤲

Heat Dissipation and Impact Protection: Experience the perfect combination of heat dissipation and impact protection with this gaming case. The innovative design with heat sink holes ensures your phone stays cool during gaming, while the robust construction protects it from impacts and drops. 🌬️📱

Q: How does the heat dissipation feature work? A: The two heat sink holes on the back of the case facilitate effective heat dissipation, keeping your ASUS ROG Phone 5/5s cool during prolonged gaming sessions.

Q: Is this case compatible with both ROG Phone 5 and 5s? A: Yes, this gaming case is specifically designed for ASUS ROG Phone 5 and ROG Phone 5s. Please check the model carefully before making your purchase to ensure compatibility.

Q: Does the case add much weight to the phone? A: No, the TPU cover is very light and thin, ensuring minimal weight is added to your ASUS ROG Phone 5/5s. Enjoy a slim and lightweight design without compromising on protection.


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