Whether you’re watching videos, making video calls, or browsing the web, the ring holder enhances your smartphone experience.

360-Degree Rotating Ring Holder: The Teayoha Army Grade Heavy Duty Case for Samsung A13 5G features an advanced 360-degree rotating ring holder. Not only does it provide a secure grip, but it also serves as a convenient kickstand, offering users the flexibility to achieve the perfect viewing position for various tasks. πŸ”„πŸ“±

Environmentally Friendly Construction: Crafted from environmentally friendly plastic and anti-stretch TPU material, this case prioritizes both durability and sustainability. It ensures that your Samsung A13 5G stays protected while being conscious of the environment. πŸŒΏπŸ“²

Precise Openings for Easy Access: The case is designed with precision, using real machine molds for all openings. This allows users to easily access each button and interface without any hindrance, ensuring a seamless user experience. πŸ”πŸ”’

Reinforced Corners for Impact Resistance: Reinforced corners play a crucial role in mitigating collision forces when your Samsung A13 5G is dropped. The added protection ensures that your device remains safe and secure, even in unexpected situations. πŸ›‘οΈπŸ“²

Screen and Camera Protection: With a 2mm elevation above the screen and camera, this case provides dedicated protection for your Samsung A13 5G’s most vulnerable areas. The raised edges shield against scratches and impacts, preserving the integrity of your device. πŸ“·πŸ”’

Compatibility with Car Mount Holder: The Teayoha Samsung A13 5G Case is designed to be compatible with a car mount holder. It offers sturdy and direct adsorption, making it exceptionally convenient for users who rely on their phones for navigation while driving. πŸš—πŸ“±

Free PET HD Screen Protector Included: Each package includes a free PET HD Screen Protector (Plastic), enhancing the overall value of this Teayoha Samsung A13 5G Case. The additional screen protection ensures a clear view while safeguarding against scratches and smudges. πŸ†“πŸ“Ί

Durable and Stylish Blue Armor: The bold blue color of the Teayoha Army Grade Heavy Duty Case adds a touch of style to your Samsung A13 5G while maintaining durability. It’s not just a protective accessory; it’s a fashion statement for your device. πŸ’™πŸ“±

Q: Is the ring holder only for grip, or does it have additional functions? A: The ring holder serves as both a secure grip and a versatile kickstand, allowing users to find the optimum viewing position for activities such as watching videos, making video calls, or browsing the web.

Q: How does the case protect the screen and camera of the Samsung A13 5G? A: The case is designed with reinforced corners and a 2mm elevation above the screen and camera. This construction effectively alleviates collision forces and provides dedicated protection to the most vulnerable areas of the device.

Q: Is the case compatible with a car mount holder? A: Yes, the Teayoha Samsung A13 5G Case is designed to be compatible with a car mount holder, offering users a sturdy and convenient solution for using their phones for navigation while driving.

Feature/Specification Details
Ring Holder 360-degree rotating, doubles as a kickstand
Construction Material Environmentally friendly plastic and TPU
Precise Openings Allows easy access to all buttons and interfaces
Reinforced Corners Mitigates collision forces during drops
Screen and Camera Protection 2mm elevation for added safeguarding
Car Mount Holder Compatibility Yes, compatible with sturdy and direct adsorption
Free Screen Protector PET HD Screen Protector (Plastic) included in the package


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